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While you are in Bangkok, you can buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products at the Bangkok Christian Guest House.
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You can also buy Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) products atthe LOFTY BAMBOO, Khao San Road.
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Product information covers the background of each product type and tribe that make the products.. Please click on each product type for further information.....

Akha ProductsLisu ProductsHmong Products
Akha Back PackLisu Baby Back PackHmong Back Pack
Akha BillfoldLisu Back PackHmong Book & Bible Cover
Akha Cosmetic BagLisu Bum BagHmong Book Marks
Akha Cushion CoverLisu Camera BagHmong Cushion Cover
Akha DollLisu Cosmetic BagHmong Doll
Akha Glasses CaseLisu Cushion CoverHmong Glasses Case
Akha Letter HolderLisu DollHmong Jewelry Bag
Akha Note BookLisu Flint BagHmong Jewelry Box
Akha Passport BagLisu Glasses CaseHmong Mobile Phone Holder
Akha Pot HolderLisu Jewelry RollHmong Note Book
Akha PurseLisu Moblie Phone HolderHmong Passport Bag
Akha Shoulder BagLisu Pager HolderHmong Pot Holder
Akha Tea CosyLisu Pencil PurseHmong Purses
Akha Toiletry BagLisu Place MatHmong shirt & Blouse
Akha Travel BagLisu Pot HolderHmong Skirt
Akha VestLisu PursesHmong Slippers
Akha WalletLisu Shoulder & Triangle BagHmong Small Accessories
 Lisu SlippersHmong Stocking
 Lisu Small AccessoriesHmong Tea Cosy
 Lisu StockingHmong Toiletry Bag
 Lisu Tea CosyHmong Wall Hanging
 Lisu Toiletry BagHmong Wallet
 Lisu Wallet 
Karen Products
Karen Back PackKaren Key CaseKaren Skirt
Karen BalnketKaren Knitting AccessoriesKaren Slippers
Karen Book CoverKaren Letter HolderKaren Small Accessories
Karen Bum BagKaren Man ShirtKaren Small Bags
Karen Camera BagKaren Mini Back PackKaren Stocking
Karen Child Teen BagKaren Modified Shoulder BagKaren Table Cloth
Karen Cosmetic BagKaren Money BeltKaren Table Runner
Karen Cushion coverKaren Note BookKaren Toiletry Bag
Karen DollKaren Passport BagKaren Tote Bag
Karen FrameKaren Peicil PurseKaren Traditional Shoulder Bag
Karen Glasses CaseKaren Place MatKaren Travel Bag
Karen HatsKaren Pot HolderKaren Vest
Karen Jewelry Box & BagKaren PursesKaren Woman Jacket
Lahu Products
Lahu Baby CarrierLahu Flint BagLahu Stocking
Lahu Back PackLahu Glasses CaseLahu T Shirt
Lahu Bible MarkLahu JacketLahu Table Runner
Lahu BillfoldLahu Letter HolderLahu Tea Cosy
Lahu Bum BagLahu Passport BagLahu Tote Bag
Lahu Child BagLahu Place MatLahu Traditional Shoulder Bag
Lahu Clerical StoleLahu Pot HolderLahu Vest
Lahu CoasterLahu PursesLahu Wall Hanging
Lahu Cosmetic BagLahu Shoulder BagLahu Wallet
Lahu Cushion CoverLahu SlippersLahu Christmas Decoration
Lahu DollLahu Square 
Akha Cotton BasketKaren Dome BasketLahu Picnic Basket
Akha Rice PlateKaren Open BasketLahu Shopping Basket
Karen Basket With Wooden BaseLahu Basket FlatLahu Tissue Box
Karen Small Baskets Wooden BaseLahu Hamper BasketLahu Tray
Karen Basket FlowerLahu Hand BagLahu Trunk Style Basket
Lawa ProductsJewelriesMien Products
Lawa Back packKaren BraceletsMien Cushion Cover
Lawa BillfoldKaren NecklacesMien Doll
Lawa pot HolderLawa EarringsMien Letter Holder
Lawa PurseLisu BraceletsMien Purse
Lawa Shoulder Bag Mien Vest
Lawa Tea Cosy Mien Wallet
Lawa Vest  

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