- Help us to overcome the crisis and continue our mission. Submit and proceed through the secured Siam Commercial Bank. If 'ERROR', please try again with different wordings in "Donation Purpose". For security reasons, the same wordings can be used only once. To donate with PayPal, TransferWise or other online options, Please contact us. Also see different donation options below.

Please avoid comma , in payment. Only [0-9] and "." is allowed.


You can specify your donation for capacity building of the staff, product and design trainings for the producers and health and education for the families in need.

Please donate directly in person at our "Fair Trade Store" in Chiang Mai. Or donate directly to our bank account and notify us by email. Thanks

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Account Name : Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Co., Ltd.
Account Number : 501-3-09225-8
Bank : The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Ltd.
Branch : Thaphae Branch
Address : 17 Thaphae Road, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Telephone : +66 53-281202

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